The methodology of the INNOVIP project is well described in the work package structure. In central position are the work packages for material development; which are WP 1 (Core material), WP2 (Envelope) and WP3 (Cover layers, edge design and Functions). In WP 4 the production process for the new invented insulation panels with loose fill concept is developed. The concept of INNOVIP is an all-embracing approach of re-inventing all components of VIP. In WP 7 (Implementation), the final product will be assembled and the integration of the new INNOVIP product in existing building systems is worked out. In WP 8 (Demonstration), we will show the market readiness and prove our concept in real buildings. It is obvious that a very close cooperation between the partners is necessary (described in “consortium as a whole” and in “interdisciplinary consideration”) to succeed with the implementation of all work tasks addressing each product.

This close cooperation is guaranteed by using different concepts:

  1. Work meetings are held every 6 months to ensure discussion of the ongoing research and an exchange of all important information;
  2. WP 10 Management and Coordination will act in central receiving, combining and re-distributing information about the work process. This is important to guarantee that no developments are pushed forward that mutually exclude each other;
  3. The innovation process in WP 1, WP 2, WP3 and WP 4 is accompanied by WP 6 (Characterization).

If important development steps are finished or semifinished the central testing in WP 6 Characterization, guarantees comparable results about the most important properties and provide an overall check that interacting development steps fit to each other.

Below the methodology of the project is illustrated in a diagram that shows the dependencies of the different work tasks and the principle of iteration on different stages, giving the possibility to react on findings and results observed while the project is running. One of the first steps will be to define the most promising applications and derive relevant useful extra functions that shall be combined in different specific types of INNOVIP panels. It is planned to start with at least four different applications. The investigations on suitable cladding and coating material will be performed in parallel with the development of core and envelope components.


INNOVIP @ Passive House Conference
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INNOVIP was presented at the Passive House Exhibition, accompanying the International Passive House Conference on 9th – 10th of March 2018 in Munich,...
INNOVIP @ “Auftakt Netzwerk innovativer Massivbau”
Published: February 21, 2018
INNOVIP was presented at the event „Auftakt Netzwerk innovativer Massivbau“ on the 21st of February 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany. The event, organized by...
INNOVIP will be part of the joint workshop on novel energy efficiency envelopes
Published: December 11, 2017
INNOVIP will be part of the joint workshop on novel energy efficiency envelopes, together with the H2020 projects HOMESKIN, WALL-ACE, GELCLAD and...

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