Tecnología Navarra de Nanoproductos S.L. (TEC) - ES

Tecnología Navarra de Nanoproductos (TECNAN), created in December 2007, offers its technology on nanoparticles’ production and modification, as well as on nanoproducts formulation, in close symbiosis to the regional business network, but with a resolute projection to the EU and worldwide markets. The company is very active in EU research, being partner of the project “Advance-FSP” CP-FP 228885-2, related to the upscaling up to industrial capacities of a nanoparticle manufacturing reactor, “Scaffold” NMP-2011- 280535 related to specific nanosafety studies applied to construction sector, and “Recyval-Nano” NMP-2012-310312 focused on the development of recovery processes for recycling of valuable components from FPDs (In, Y, Nd) for the production of added value nanoparticles. TECNAN also participates in three projects from H2020.

TECNAN, supported by highly skilled scientists, has access to state-of-the-art facilities for the production of different kinds of nanoparticles in large amounts and characterised by their high purity. Using both wet and dry technologies, TECNAN is capable of synthesizing nanoparticles in the range of the tens to the hundreds of kilograms. Currently, the company is pushing towards the expansion of its accessible nanomaterials, as well as for novel applications. The number of applications to which TECNAN provides a solution is widening and include catalysts for the automobile industry and the energetic sector, sensors for gases and atmospheric pollutants, photocatalysts, materials for lighting devices, and many other uses.

Lately, TECNAN has been focused on the development of ready-to-use liquid formulations based on the large range of nanoparticles which can be produced with their specific technologies. Concretely, once selected the necessary active materials, tailored nanodispersions are prepared including required functionalisations and additivations. Thus, TECNAN counts these days with an increasing product portfolio with superhydrophobic, hydrophilic, IR blocker, anti-graffiti and easy-to-clean properties among others.


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