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The Laboratoire national de métrologie et d’essais (LNE) is committed to excellence in measurement and testing to progress in quality and safety, for the benefit of industries and consumers alike. Operating at the meeting point between science and industry since it was founded in 1901, LNE pursues its scientific and technological development in order to anticipate new measurement and testing requirements created by advances in technology and society's new expectations in the spheres of safety, health, quality, energy and environmental protection. It functions as a public company with industrial and commercial status, under the aegis of the French Ministry of Industry, with about 800 qualified staff.

Its mission is to provide state authorities and key economic players with the technical assistance they are requiring to draft new regulations and standards at national, European and international level, develop new test methods and carry out market surveillance. Its core business, “Measurements and Standards”, consists of 5 activities: research and transfer, tests and calibration, technical assistance, certification, training and information. These activities meet 4 challenging issues: the safety and health of individuals, the environmental impact of activities, the performance and reliability of products and the control of costs in companies.

Furthermore, LNE is the French National Metrology Institute and as such one of its key missions is to establish the metrological traceability and to assess the uncertainty of analytical measurements, necessary to enhance the comparability and the reliability of data. To this end, LNE implements primary reference methods and produces Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) for various applications.

Expertise of LNE relies on almost 250 metrology engineers and technicians, over half of whom are involved in scientific and technological research activities. Research constitutes a key strategic pillar, accounting for 23% of the total Budget.

In the field of insulating materials and energy efficiency of buildings, LNE is designated to deliver the ACERMI certification mark which justifies thermal performances of insulating material. Testing services in the frame of CE mark process are also provided, as LNE is a notified accredited body for performing tests according to standard products of building and industrial application. The laboratory is in particular the only in France to have a reference Guarded Hot Plate apparatus which allows to deliver thermal conductivity reference value.

Regarding materials fire reaction characterization LNE has extensive test facilities from small scale up to large scale experiments with fire facade testing. LNE is therefore able to demonstrate that building products or insulating systems fulfils all requirements given by regulation. A deep expertise on modelling for fire degradation and thermal properties of materials is also available to complement testing resources.

Moreover LNE has developed over the last years a MEtrological ChARacterization platform for Nanomaterials (CARMEN), in which all the instruments necessary to a complete and reliable characterization of nanomaterials have been gathered. This testing facility fully dedicated to nanotechnologies is available for material developers and risk evaluators to help them better controlling these emerging Technologies.

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